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Best locations for new ski areas in Colorado

Using GIS (Geographic Information System) it’s possible to identify areas that match characteristics needed for a ski area. Below I’ve identified some potential locations for new ski areas on public land in Colorado. The state is unlikely to support new ski areas anytime soon. But, this map can help powder seekers and backcountry skiers find…

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thorn protection for biking

Stupid cheap thorn protection for bikepacking

Thorn protection is essential for bikepackers and bike commuters. Changing a flat tire might be fun the first few times you do it, but constant flats will slow you down, threaten your trip, and drive you mad. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a tubeless set-up to get stellar protection against thorns. While tubeless has…

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Author poses with dog on a backpacking trip in the Indian Peaks

Cormac McCrimmon

I started Colorado Wonderland to report on the confluence between outdoor recreation and environmental issues in Colorado.

I grew up in Denver, hiking, biking and climbing trees. In high school, I solo-hiked across the state on the Colorado Trail.

I love sharing advice about my favorite trails and places to visit. I’ve lived in Denver, Colorado Springs and Telluride.

When I’m not writing, I’m often conducting ‘boots on the ground’ research, running, biking, skiing, climbing or planning my next adventure.

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