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Great Sand Dunes National Park is certainly a Colorado Wonderland
Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon

Colorado’s backcountry is vast. Without a guide, it’s easy to get lost.

Colorado Wonderland blog offers expert advice about hiking, climbing, skiing and biking across our state.

If you need ideas about where to go, check out our trip reports, trail suggestions or adventure stories on the blog.

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Colorado wonderland guide to wild places

Are you interested in how growth in cities is affecting the outdoors? Learn about how leaders are managing the environmental impacts of more people in the backcountry. Find out what you can do to protect the environment and recreate responsibly.

Colorado Wonderland blog is dedicated to crafting high quality stories about the places you love. I’ve spent years on the ground researching our state, and I love talking with experts. Read more about me.

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Author poses with dog on a backpacking trip in the Indian Peaks

Cormac McCrimmon

I started Colorado Wonderland to report on the confluence between outdoor recreation and environmental issues in Colorado.

I grew up in Denver, hiking, biking and climbing trees. In high school, I solo-hiked across the state on the Colorado Trail.

I love sharing advice about my favorite trails and places to visit. I’ve lived in Denver, Colorado Springs and Telluride.

When I’m not writing, I’m often conducting ‘boots on the ground’ research, running, biking, skiing, climbing or planning my next adventure.

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