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As a kid, I hated hiking. Unless there were gummy bear bribes, I wasn’t going. I was sold when, in high school, I discovered “hiking” was an acceptable excuse to leave the house for days or weeks at a time. After twenty years of living around the state, I have no plans to leave.

Cormac McCrimmon

Cormac started Colorado Wonderland to report on the confluence between outdoor recreation and environmental issues in Colorado.

He grew up in Denver, hiking, biking and climbing trees. In high school, Cormac solo-hiked across the state on the Colorado Trail.

He loves sharing advice about his favorite trails and places to visit. Cormac has lived in Denver, Colorado Springs and Telluride.

When I’m not writing, Cormac’s often conducting ‘boots on the ground’ research, running, biking, skiing, climbing or planning my next adventure.

You can find more of his writing at 303 magazine and Cipher Magazine.

For questions, comments or story ideas, please use the forum below.

For copywriting, editing or freelance requests, please find Cormac McCrimmon on LinkedIn.

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