Cañon City poised to become outdoor mecca

Cañon City is a small town with a big reputation. Outsiders know it as Prison Valley. It’s home to 11 state and federal lock-ups, including the notorious SuperMax – ADX. In recent years, however, Cañon City has turned to outdoor recreation as a way to remake its image and its economy.  In the shadows of…

Denver’s best urban parks bike ride

The bike circuit mapped below provides the best way to tour 10 of Denver’s best urban outdoor spaces. Brings friends, wear a costume, and stop for a beer at your favorite destinations.

Backyard Bikepacking: Ride from Colorado Springs to Cañon City and Back

Basics Mileage: ~ 150 miles  Elevation gain: 10,500 ft  Start/Finish: North Cheyenne Cañon, Colorado Springs, CO   Difficulty: Moderate  Season: Late Spring – Early Fall  Overview This Colorado canyon adventure is a tremendous first bikepacking route or early-season ride. The ride starts and ends at North Cheyenne Cañon, near downtown Colorado Springs. Ample opportunities for water…

Ideas for Weeknight Camping in Colorado Springs

Weeknight camping is a novel way to break from routine and might serve as a rejuvenating escape. From car camping to bikepacking and backpacking, Colorado Springs has a number of backcountry gems close enough for an after-work adventure.   Weeknight camping takes a certain level of preparation and planning. Although camping can cut into time for…

Best locations for new ski areas in Colorado

Using GIS (Geographic Information System) it’s possible to identify areas that match characteristics needed for a ski area. Below I’ve identified some potential locations for new ski areas on public land in Colorado. The state is unlikely to support new ski areas anytime soon. But, this map can help powder seekers and backcountry skiers find…

Stupid cheap thorn protection for bikepacking

Thorn protection is essential for bikepackers and bike commuters. Changing a flat tire might be fun the first few times you do it, but constant flats will slow you down, threaten your trip, and drive you mad. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a tubeless set-up to get stellar protection against thorns. While tubeless has…

36 hours in Cañon City

Your ultimate travel guide to Cañon City. Cañon City is often overlooked, but rarely disappoints. Adventurous travelers will enjoy the town’s no-frills attitude and abundant outdoor opportunities.

Rain gear for the Colorado Trail

Planning to hike the Colorado Trail? Make sure you’re prepared for Colorado’s monsoon season. Learn more about timing rain on the Colorado Trail and what rain gear to bring to stay happy and dry for the long haul.

Best small ski areas in Colorado

Colorado offers world-class skiing. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay Vail prices to enjoy it. Colorado’s small ski areas offer excellent snow and terrain. Small ski areas are often cheaper, less crowded and more laid back. Find out where to go on your next ski trip.

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